Designing for Development

I just returned from a fashion week party and runway show and noticed something different about the face of fashion, it is developing a conscious, or at least a little.

In addition to this event I have been noticing an interesting trend in fashion and I have to say I love it. It is a growing number of designers and businessmen/women who are using design and fashion to bring awareness or directly support the efforts of development organizations.

Just as a taste, here are a few things my friends are doing and some others I just found interesting:

1. IDEO’s Social Impact Work
2. The Blind Project
3. IndiGreen – picture above one of their t-shirts
4. Donna Karan Urban Zen Foundation
5. Kageno and Me & Ro
5. ABC Home Foundation

So the question is, how can we use design/fashion to bring about social change? At this point we are unclear about the impact of these efforts, but what is clear is the universal appeal of fashion and, if successful, these players could have a significant ripple effect.


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